Who We Are

Garden Pack is a company with +25 years of experience on a sustainable mission; bring plants and people together, from Flowers and Herbs seeds to Veggies. Enjoying the best of nature’s rewards with incredible health advantages has never been so close to you.

What’s the story behind Garden Pack?

We are a family business working with the European and U.S. market since XXXX.
Everything started with XXXXX, lived in Lithuania and used to grow veggies and herbs as a joint family activity, in later years his passion led to establish a business around this area. By the year of XXXX, XXXX migrated to the U.S. alongside with his family, and they took with them the best of the seeds for trade.
The family business started to grow at a fast speed, not only for the quality of the products but for the environmental consciousness that lies at the chore of our business.
Garden Pack is now a very innovative business that has grown with an international team and loyal customers, we care about reducing our carbon footprint in the world, and help you to consume healthy and environmentally friendly products directly from your own garden, at a fair cost.

Sustainability is important to us!

At Garden Pack, we care for the environmental and social impact of our business actions.
It is for that reason that we hold ourselves accountable with an ethical strategy that guides our decisions throughout all business stages, to make the world greener, just and fair.
By building your garden with us, you contribute to:

Sustainable principles we follow at Garden Pack:

Human Rights

Garden Pack thrives for an approach of human rights and dignity mainstreamed in all its processes: hiring, partnerships, and collaborations; is a must to defend the rule of law, justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, a fair gender pay gap, and non-discrimination transversely.

Environmental Impact

Garden Pack engages alongside SMB partners to reduce the carbon footprint within the chain value, by allowing the mobilization of knowledge, technology, building capacity, and more resources to support climate change actions and all SDG goals.


Garden Pack is working on R&D to thrive for reducing our direct environmental impact from packaging to renewed product designs.

Let's sow together, for a green world and heart

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